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As individuals, we come together as Sustainable Nosara/Nosara Sustainible, to enable the Nosara area to become a model for sustainable development and Responsible Tourism. Together we can ensure that Nosara grows & develops in a sustainable way bringing abundance & well being to all.
Key elements of this vision include:

1) Protecting the natural beauty, of this area including Nosara, Samara, Garza, Ostional, and San Juanillo by preserving the beaches and green areas.

2) Integrating the local Tico and international communities through non-profit and community projects.

3) High-lighting the components of healthy living already thriving here, Yoga, healing, healthy food, creativity, culture, and community.

4) Drawing like-minded environmentally conscious visitors and companies to participate in, and enhance this dynamic evolving vision.
Many have come before us and laid the foundation for this vision with dedicated thought, action and community service. It is our goal to join forces and carry on the manifestation of what they have begun by collaborating with existing efforts and initiatives.

Nosara is a unique place. Many of us have come here, fallen in love, and made it our home. The beauty of the ocean and the jungle inspired us. The wild exquisite nature, and the friendly local inhabitants moved us. We enjoyed the easy, human life style, and the dynamic international community that has been drawn here.

We have the opportunity now to come together, to preserve and enhance that which we love about this place. Together, we can ensure that this area grows as a model of sustainability and measured development for the benefit of all.
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